Guide Cover Competition Artists
Winners | Amplify
For this year’s SFOS Guide Cover Competition, artists were asked to think creatively upon the theme of AMPLIFY and explore the concepts of strengthening, enlarging, and extending. The ArtSpan Onondaga Art Center will deepen and broaden ArtSpan’s reach into the community, increase meaningful connections between artists and the public, and amplify ArtSpan’s role in the San Francisco art scene. Guide Cover Art Phillip Hua Map #350n Bloom Boom Print on Acrylite with Gold Leaf, 2018 “This work is part of a series that examines our values when we must choose between nature and wealth. What do we prioritize and what are we willing to sacrifice for one or the other? For me, the choice is obvious. The message of choosing nature is amplified by the bright and bold poppies towering over a sea of stock indexes.”
Weekend 1 Featured Art Heather Robinson Map #312e Overload Acrylic and Fabric on Panel, 2016 “This piece, Overload, is about sound, music, and energy. I used bright colors to heighten the intensity of the piece. The repeating pattern stenciled on the painting is designed to evoke sound waves moving through a space. As the pattern moves up the piece, it gains strength and depth through repetition. The more elements that are involved, the stronger the structure becomes—a parallel to SF Open Studios.”
Weekend 2 Featured Art Larraine Seiden Map #401p Looking In, Looking Out Collage and Encaustic on Panels, 2018 “Part of my Cumulus series, Looking In, Looking Out is about the stillness before big changes. Though we are living in a time of uncertainty and upheaval, I see the possibility of something hopeful emerging on the horizon. Paper strips create a ground that undulates, while a gridded window hovers above and provides a stable anchor for looking outward and inward in an undefined structure. It also alludes to the perspective tool used by artists for centuries to help perceive and render three-dimensional space. Likewise, today’s smartphones provide a window to myriad worlds, both flattening and amplifying what we see.”
Weekend 3 Featured Art Brian Singer Map #341g Transitions #8 Paperback Books, 2019 “Amplification is the act of taking something and increasing it, be it a sound, a motion, or a social movement. In Transitions #8, I’m taking the edges of old paperback books and sorting them into gradual transitions of color. To me, amplification in our current political climate is actually about that transition–about taking one important message, and passing it from person to person. This doesn’t happen simply by “going viral;ners” it’s the slow and often imperceptible shift in social consciousness. Here, in this piece, it’s the subtle shift from one color to another, made up of thousands and thousands of individual pages.”
Weekend 4 Featured Art Linda Larson Map #101ab, 412e My Neighbors’ Garden Oil on Panel, 2019 “In this painting, My Neighbors’ Garden, the world is the tiny blue planet, faded, damaged–besieged by the competing needs of its varied inhabitants. What happens in our immediate, familiar environment is amplified exponentially. I would like to amplify the good, participate in positive actions, and hope for luck.”