Artist Spotlight:Uma Rani Iyli
Map #415b The creative process, like any manual labor, can be a meditative practice. Uma’s inspiration is rooted in her childhood, culture and Indian heritage, and its connection with contemporary times. “My artwork is created by merging vibrant colors with common daily objects that stir up childhood memories of excitement, hope, and direction.” Uma’s methodology echoes work that is associated with the female identity; working with simple daily objects and the craft techniques of women from ancient cultures. “I strive to present artwork that celebrates and amplifies the rituals surrounding these objects with the intention of elevating them to an international stage.” Immersing herself in these domestic rituals and methods of labor in her art practice is Uma’s attempt at reconnection. “Each series allows me the opportunity to embrace my worlds. They act as avenues for others to merge culture and time in their own way.” “While we have all experienced the flux of the tech industry, real estate, and the opening and closing of many galleries, I feel that our city’s artists are at their strongest. The challenges have made us more loyal and able to withstand new obstacles.”