Artist Spotlight: Rhonel Roberts
Map #101am As a child, Rhonel delighted in watching slides of Paris while listening to music. This fascination with France and the French aesthetic continued through adulthood and its influence is present in his work today. His vintage poster-style images of San Francisco’s iconic sights show off his take on the genre. Rhonel’s high-impact colorful portraits and abstracts are characteristic of his personal style and his unique “tape-ography” technique. Examining art through a cultural lens, Rhonel questioned the absence of diversity in pop art and classic branding. “I started with that kind of curiosity and it was the catalyst for my painting.” Rhonel began replacing traditional icons with subjects who have historically been excluded. Using color, texture, depth, and volume as avenues of exploration, Rhonel maintains mindful consideration of cultural diversity in his imagery. “My art also represents people of color. We have such a void of true representation in the art world. It’s often patronized rather than embraced as being welcomed as a viable and worthy subject of inclusion.” “Art, like music, is specific to those who will see or listen to it. If a sound is overwhelming you may want to turn down the volume. I think it’s specific to the artist what causes, ideas, and projects they deem worthy to ‘amplify.’”