Artist Spotlight: Ramiro Cairo
Map #307 Ramiro grew up in Argentina, where his father was an architect. Today, Ramiro’s stunning assemblage artworks, which he prefers to call sculptures, have a similar focus on design, balance, and functionality. He is fascinated with finding creative uses for objects originally built for practical purposes. “I’d say that most of my work navigates the space between design and art using discarded technology.” His work incorporates the geometry of industrial and technological pieces, metaphorically using these materials as if each were an individual brush stroke. “These ‘brush strokes’ tell us a lot about industrialization and machinery, which was my motivation to compose works of art where these components merged into abstract mechanisms to create forms that are evocative of a new machine.” “This is my fourth time participating in SFOS. I’ve sold a lot of pieces during the last three years, purchased by Bay Area people and visitors from out of state. I feel the support, the admiration, and the kindness. I feel welcome!”