Artist Spotlight: J.L. King
Map #425m A native San Franciscan, J.L. regularly yearned to escape the city and experience nature. Growing up she developed a curiosity for the small-but-resilient urban creatures she brings to life in her work. J.L.’s fascinatingly vivid oil-on-linen paintings portray them in surrealist scenes that reveal layers, windows, and portals into another domain. “These small glimpses inspire my curiosity and conjure up pleasurable sentiments that I vividly remember as a child.” Her stunningly detailed artworks are a blend of trompe l’oeil and imaginative realism. She spotlights mundane objects with her intricate painting, drawing attention to details that are frequently ignored, often with wry humor. “Connecting the images is a primary focus of my art, like riddles to be solved of which the solutions are unique to each individual, and ultimately reveal a personal narrative.” She describes her art as an amplification of quiet and wordless thoughts into bursts of colors and compositions on canvas. “ArtSpan goes above and beyond what I would expect from an artist and collector resource organization. I give thanks to them for many of my art relationships, exhibition opportunities, and new experiences.”