Artist Spotlight:Javier Chalini
Map #357b With beautifully mastered precision and a deep knowledge of compelling, symbolic imagery, Javier creates art representative of the human experience through surreal, idiosyncratic, mythical, satirical, and imaginative eyes. Hailing from Puebla, Mexico, Javier is a visual artist specializing in metal-etching printmaking. “I like to create my images by interacting between the highly technical process of the technique, and the freedom of my imagination and self-expression.” There are no restrictions with respect to his techniques, mediums, or incorporated elements. Javier’s style is figurative, stepping into the boundaries of the surreal and creating a visual narration of the human being and its place in this life. “For me, creating images is an exploration of a profound understanding of what I have lived, learned, or felt but haven’t made fully conscious. Through the creative process, I build my visual narrative, walking between past and present, gathering memories, collective concepts, daily events, and personal feelings.” “By creating images, artists amplify the vision of our fellow human beings. We are able to show a wider horizon or a brighter sun – a different point of view of the moments in life that we are trying to understand.”