Artist Spotlight: Darren Sears
Map #333 Once a student of landscape architecture, Darren’s interest in environmental contrasts and juxtapositions first found expression in graduate school. Years later, he began collaging travel photographs to depict places he couldn’t design in the real world. “I view the natural world in spatial rather than scenic terms—as maps of linked experiences rather than collections of disjointed landscapes.” Though his primary medium is watercolor, Darren also creates his mind-bending topographic art with oil and mixed-media. Inspired by travel and imagination, his compositions are fragmented as if multiple perspectives are being compressed into a single view, organizing nature into discrete, comprehensible slices. The environments Darren depicts range from the idealized to the fictional, and express his distress for the fragility of the real locales that inspire them. “ArtSpan was invaluable in providing a welcoming community of artists and plenty of exposure opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. In my experience, the SF artist community is inseparable from ArtSpan.”