Artist Spotlight: Aynur Girgin Westen
Map #425e Aynur’s talent for capturing beautifully captivating images stems from a deeper place than any formal art education. The self-taught photographer grew up in a small rural town on the west coast of Turkey, moving to Istanbul in her early adulthood. Before landing in San Francisco, Aynur honed her photographic skills and natural creativity capabilities in such far-flung and diverse places as Salamanca, Buenos Aires, Kyoto, and New York. Reflecting on her current home, she says: “If I were to describe the art scene in San Francisco with one word I would say it is very supportive. The sense of community is very strong. I love how helpful artists are to each other.” She concedes that in today’s digital art scene, it is tempting to rely on apps and computer programs to enhance an image. Instead, the camera itself becomes Aynur’s tool to manipulate light and create her stunning visual masterpieces. “ArtSpan heightens people’s love for art. Many families bring their young ones to visit SFOS. I think parents like showing their kids the artist studios and planting the seed of love for art at a young age.”