ArtSpan’s Art-In-Neighborhoods (AIN) program creates opportunities for established and emerging artists to show and sell their work in lively venues around the city. Any ArtSpan Artist Member can submit work for consideration. Many (of our) artists have exhibited for the first time through this program. AIN Coordinator Shane Izykowski has a deep understanding of how important such opportunities are. “As a working artist myself, I know how hard it can be to find places to exhibit work, have it be seen by new audiences, and give new buyers the opportunity to become lifelong collectors. Our Art-In-Neighborhoods program has streamlined that process. Not only are we continually offering our members a platform to show their work, but we handle everything from the curation and installation to the reception, and, finally, the sale of the artwork.” Art-In-Neighborhoods is a means of reaching a public that is wide and diverse, beyond those that attend conventional art events. Locals and tourists alike can discover and enjoy the bounty of our city’s creativity. “This is my way of giving back to the community that I’ve come to love. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a beautifully curated exhibition, a well-attended reception, and the excitement of a new art sale.” Shane Izykowski AIN Coordinator Check our calendar for exhibitions and free public artist receptions.
Art-In-Neighborhoods Venues CounterPulse 80 Turk Street Cumaica Cafe 4726 Mission Street FDR Brewery 2636 San Bruno Avenue Mission Bowling Club 3176 17th Street Ritual Coffee Roasters 1026 Valencia Street The Mosser Hotel 54 4th Street District 11 Supervisor Office San Francisco City Hall
Studio Residency Program Art-In-Neighborhoods also encompasses the Artist Residency Program. ArtSpan has partnered with local developers and property owners to create artist studios in buildings that are in transition or underutilized. Over the past four years, ArtSpan has constructed studios for more than 35 artists, holding space for creators amidst the rapidly changing real estate of San Francisco. ArtSpan sees this as one significant means of sustaining the art community in the city, and slowing the exodus of artists due to rising real estate prices. Taking advantage of unexpected partnerships and underused spaces is a tenet of the Art-In-Neighborhoods program. Participating AIN Artists 2018 - 2019 Wendy Ackrell, Janis Anton, Patricia Araujo, Norm Bartlett, Nash Bellows, Adrienne Bolsega, Grace Breyley, Hamid R. Bronner, Emma Brown, Jim Burnett, Agustina Caprioglio, Javier Chalini, Molly Champlin, Selby Cole, Pauline Crowther Scott, Charles Dabo, Elvira M. Dayel, Cy de Groat, Zai Divecha, Denise Dmochowski, Duncan Dobson, Angela Douglas, Lea Dufourd-Sharabash, Rachel Dwan, Jessica Eastburn, Max Ehrman, Eva Enriquez, Pavitra Eshwar, Nina Fabunmi, Leo Cameron Felix, Swann Freslon, Mike Gabriel, Anne Garvey, Helen R. Gaus, Marissa Geoffroy, Robert Giebler, Abigail Lee Goldberger, Heiko Greb, S Griffin, Yingri Guan, Audrey Heller, Patricia Hewett, Lutz Hornischer, Robert Howard, Susan Johnson, Helena Joseph, Kacy (Kuo-chen) Jung, Paul Kensinger, Katherine Kodama, Charmaine Koh, Irena Kononova, Giorgio Landa, Krisztina Lazar, Sophia Lee, Warren MacMillan, Paul Madonna, Elizabeth Medrano, Nate Mellado, Christine Meuris, Lindsey Millikan, Melissa Mohammadi, Andrew Ogus, Randi Pace, Matt Pipes, Barbara Pollak-Lewis, Matthew Priest, Norm Quiros, Uma Rani Iyli, Andreana Rosnik, Tachina Rudman-Young, Karii Rürup-Coleman, Gala Sadurni, William Salit, Melissa San Miguel Quintana, Case, Anna-Lena Sauer, William Jake Schempf, Eleanor Scholz, Anne Seeman, Larraine Seiden, Donna Sharee, Pallavi Sharma, Edward Sherman, Mary K. Shisler, Sofia Shu, Emanuela Sintamarian, Laura Stevenson, Steven Stodor, Francesco Stumpo, missTANGQ, Daniel Thomas, Paula Valenzuela, Nora van den Berg, Crystal Vielula, Deirdre Weinberg, Brea Weinreb, Aaron Wilder, Rachel Znerold