A Letter from the Executive Director
As a young woman arriving here from Oklahoma, this magical city of wonder and possibility opened my eyes. I was amazed and inspired by the freedom of expression and the lifestyles of those who were proudly and unapologetically living in their own unique ways here in San Francisco. This inclusivity and acceptance of different ways of being still energizes me every day. I want to help spread this city’s ethos, to ensure those who are here and those who come here continue to have the same opportunities to express and define themselves that I did. There’s a lot of talk of change these days, but I’d say the funky creativity that lured me to San Francisco 25 years ago is still around. We just have to look a little harder, stretch ourselves out of our routines, and make intentional efforts to go and appreciate the arts and artists still here and thriving. Visiting artists in their studios has been a part of what has kept me invigorated and inspired since the day I arrived in SF. Here in your hands is your roadmap to that experience. The SFOS Guide will help you discover the creators whose art gives our city its reputation for innovation, inclusion, and independence. ArtSpan is committed to boosting the city’s unique creative energy. Our small team focuses on celebrating and magnifying that extraordinary ingenuity throughout the region, state, and world. This vision of amplifying and strengthening our community is at the forefront of the ArtSpan Onondaga Art Center. The Art Center is an ambitiously planned space that will enable us to strengthen our organization’s impact and extend a deeper and broader reach into the neighborhoods we aim to serve. With lease in hand, we are poised to increase the consistency of meaningful, in-person connections between artists and audiences. This evolution will further empower us to make art accessible and, ultimately, secure a permanent, formidable presence in San Francisco for the artists who make this city so one-of-a-kind. We’re excited for this growth and expansion. We’re ready to be bigger, bolder, and louder. And we’re happy that you are part of our community. In artful solidarity, Joen Madonna Executive Director