In Remembrance
Remembering Alex MacLeitch
The ArtSpan community is saddened by the passing of Alex MacLeitch. Trained in biology and art, Alex's metal sculptures were often playful and whimsical variations on urban and natural themes. He made his artistic home, along with his many, many tools, at Islais Creek Studios, where he was an active member of the community of artists. His love of nature intersected with his city living to inspire his wavy buildings. Thérèse F. Martin, former ED of ArtSpan, shared some memories: “Alex threw himself into art and the artist community. He gave a lot of advice to ArtSpan and earned the right to do so. He was always contributing behind-the-scenes. He took on some of the tougher volunteer positions, such as receiving art for exhibit, wrapping art for auction buyers, and breaking down after events. Alex was an artist-in-residence for Art for City Youth and transported items from Costco and lumberyards. He assisted in quality control efforts by generously sharing his Arcata, CA home and helping me review more than 650,000 pages of The Guide, each year, before we released it to the public. His low-key but consistent participation was part of the momentum that contributed to ArtSpan’s evolution.” Aside from the plentiful work that is spread throughout the Bay Area to hundreds of collectors who found him through Open Studios, Alex created several large-scale artistic commissions including fences, gates, signs for businesses and a fun installation piece of many fish swimming on the wall for the Aquarium by the Bay. A large public art commission of his wavy buildings can be found on the corner of Front and Sacramento Streets in San Francisco and his work is included in the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art. Alex was a fixture in the ArtSpan community and he is greatly missed by his studio mates and the larger arts community.